World leader in phosphor and scintillation technology

Applied Scintillation Technologies (AST) is a world leader in phosphor and scintillation technology. Our products allow the conversion of many different radiations into light for imaging and detection.

AST have comprehensive Caesium Iodide production facilities backed up by full in house testing and characterisation laboratories, all housed within our clean rooms.

A comprehensive product range provides the interface for the detection of neutrons, alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, electrons, ions, X-rays, UV/Visible and infra-red radiation, these are used in a diverse range of applications including:

Dental X-ray imaging, general radiography and fluoroscopy, therapeutic radiography and oncology, industrial NDT, health and safety, quality control, nuclear decommissioning, mail, baggage and cargo inspection, analytical instrumentation, oil well logging, space exploration and radiation protection.

In addition to our standard product range, we are always delighted to discuss the development and manufacture of customised scintillation products for specific applications.

We also offer a range of complete products, laser alignment devices, patented infra-red digital cameras and IR adaptive optics.

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